Andreas Fluge Iden UX/UI designer based in Oslo, Norway

Project data and handling

Tribia is a supplier of collaboration solutions for projects in the field of construction. Interaxo Project is one of the solutions, which focuses on sharing project data, with traceability and control over what happens in the construction project. This application is a mobile version of the web application.

The goal was to create an easy to use mobile app, where project leaders and others could find all the data, as well as communicate, in the project. The challenge was to make it as easy as possible to navigate and flexible for future additions.

The app focuses mainly around the project data, where users can view and work on documents relating to their project. It was also important to include an intuitive 3D-model viewer that often is used on the construction site.

The new app also needed a more modern branding, where new file-icons and styling were also created. This created the basis for future UI updates for the web version.

The project data contains a lot of important information, so we had to find a good solution to display only the most critical. We did workshops and interviews in order to understand what our users needed the most, and opted for a solution that’s flexible based on the users needs, but also making sure the interface doesn’t get too clogged with information. More details and information can be found the deeper the users go.