Andreas Fluge Iden UX/UI designer based in Oslo, Norway

UX/UI Case studies

Outside of real projects, I like to challenge myself with some quick UI experiments. These are some of my case studies where I test out different styles and applications, other than what I am able to do outside of an already established branding. These case studies are based experiences I found not very enjoyable, and are an attempt to improve it.

Travel app

This case study was based on an application I often used before, which I found limiting to my need in terms of functionality, but also not that visually enjoyable.

The focus was to create an app where the user could both search for the fastest route and get tickets, within the same app. I conceptualised a smarter tracking-system for the bus, where the user could see the route and where the bus is currently on the map. This was added to give a better understanding of when the bus arrives, or potential changes and delays.

Event app

Music is something I’m passionate about, and I often attend concerts or other events. I have experienced both good, and not-so-good solutions to find events that I want to go to, which inspired me to explore an app specifically for this purpose.

The goal was to make the search for concerts more enjoyable, engaging and user friendly. I’ve often seen quite text-heavy apps that feels a bit overwhelming, and this was meant to be the opposite of that.